Fishing for answers.

I’m Adrienne. I love to work with people and problem solve. I use my skills in data extraction, data analysis and visualization creation to solve problems for customers. When you listen to people and use data tools, you can tell stories that help people make better decisions and in turn, make the world a little better.

This blog includes my musings on customer service, data analysis, visualizations, SQL, listening to others and engendering equality in the workplace and in the world. I write about lessons I’ve learned about better-serving others and the constant realization that I have so much to learn.

In my free time, you can find me drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching episodes of 30 Rock, listening to NPR or audiobooks, lifting heavy things, walking along the Truckee River and baking the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had.

I would love to meet with you or chat, so don’t hesitate to contact me!


I listen to what people need and help them use data to make better decisions in their organization and reach their goals faster so they can spend more time doing what they love to do.

Empathy: Placing yourself in someone else’s shoes is necessary to develop a rapport with a customer, answer their questions and to genuinely understand their motivations, fears, trials and promise. Greater empathy engenders greater understanding and better solutions to even our greatest problems.

Equity: Solving a problem requires us to understand our underlying biases or biases built into a model. We all have biases and unearthing them brings us closer to a truthful and equitable solution.

Service: Serving others is an honor, a challenge and so rewarding when done well. Great service draws us closer to one another whether we’re being served at a restaurant or are serving others at a food bank.

Gratitude: An attitude of gratitude puts everything into perspective. Gratitude makes large problems more manageable whether they are related to customer service or a super-difficult SQL query.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm goes beyond smiling–it means putting effort into everything you do and showing others you care about them and the work. It always helps to smile though.


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